Tyler The Creator Fans Threaten Activist Who Got Him Banned From Australia

Hooooooooooly dooly. 

Tyler The Creator tweeted late last night that he had been officially banned from Australia, hence cancelling future tours. 

While we cannot confirm that his Visa has been officially denied, we can comment on the absolute shitfight that’s currently happening on social media.
Coralie Alison, the Director of Operations for Collective Shout, who petitioned for Tyler to be barred from Australia has been retweeting all the threats and vitriol sent her way. It’s absolutely horrifying, and is reminiscent of the threats sent to female gamers during Gamergate
Coralie pioneered a petition to get Tyler banned from the country after hearing lyrics about rape in his music, and also after he abused a member of Collective Shout during a gig in 2013. She believes his music incites violence against, and objectifies, women. 
Geeeeez, you guys. We get that you’re angry, we really do. But – and we should not have to say this – abusing or threatening to rape and kill people online is not okay in the slightest. Plus, can’t you see that you’re kind of playing into what she’s saying about incitation of violence against women? Seriously, stop it. 

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Image: Simone Joyner via Getty Images