Two Shot Dead In Black Friday Shopping Incidents Around The US

Two people have been killed in separate shooting incidents around the US, as the annual Black Friday sales see shoppers descend on retail outlets in search of bargains.  
Both incidents took place in parking lots, with one man shot and killed in what was described as a “road rage incident” over a parking spot outside a Walmart in Reno, Nevada
The other was killed outside of a Macy’s store in South Jersey. Local media report that the victim’s 26-year-old brother was shot in the leg during the incident, and is in hospital in a stable condition. 
Witnesses to the Macy’s shooting reported seeing a bullet-riddled SUV, surrounded by shell casings, in the parking lot of the Hamilton Mall. One told CBS Philly

“It’s a tragedy … It’s very scary you know, you’re starting off the holiday season and you’re excited about the upcoming times with family and now there’s going to be family who are missing people and their holidays will never be the same.”
There has been one other shooting reported so far this year, outside a mall in Tennessee – one person was injured, but there were no fatalities. 
Black Friday Death Count, a website that exists because the world is a goddamn horrifying place, says that there have been nine deaths and 101 injuries related to Black Friday shopping since 2006. 
That’s yet another great reason to never leave the house, TBH. 
Source: News Corp.
Photo: CBS Philly / Twitter.