Two Bodies Recovered From Sunken Fishing Boat Off The QLD Coast

Authorities in Queensland have recovered the bodies of two men from a fishing vessel which overturned and sank about five kilometres of the coast on Monday night.

The vessel was discovered last night off Round Hill Headlan  about 30 metres below the surface of the water, and police drivers have since been attempting to access the vessel.

The two men have not been formally identified. All six crewmen of the vessel are missing and presumed dead.

The missing men include the skipper, Ben Leahy, 45, and crew members Adam Hoffman, 30, Eli Tonks, 39, Adam Bidner, 33, Chris Sammut, 34, and Zach Feeney, 28.

One men, Ruben McDornan, is the only known survivor. He spent hours treading water after the boat capsized and sank, and was saved when a passing couple heard his screams for help.

The Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, offered her condolences to the families of the missing men.

“I want to pay tribute to all officers involved the search, and to those who will now work in the recovery,” she said in a statement.

We’ll keep you updated.