Twitter’s Roasting An ACL Lobbyist Who’s All Shook W/ Dunlop’s New Campaign

Volley Australia has earned itself the most revered of celebrity endorsements: the pearl-clutching “think of the children” cries from an ultra conservative lobbyist. And it’s bloody well-earned, too.

Its latest campaign – called #grassroots – is a tee-up with Ansell condoms, and features a bunch of near-naked good-looking people frolicking in cars and what not. Y’know, the good stuff.

The message is all about being comfortable in your own skin (and selling volleys), safe sex (and volleys) and loving who you want to love (and flogging loads of product).

It also crucially uses the word ‘root’ multiple times in its copy. “We’re all about rooting,” it says, meaning ‘rooting’ as in for change, but also ‘rooting’ as in fucking, because Aussie humour is nothing if not as subtle as an out-of-control cement truck.

Which brings us to Australian Christian Lobby campaigner Wendy Francis, who saw Volley’s latest campaign and took it upon herself to warn parents about this sinful website.

Obviously, everyone took the absolute piss, because Twitter people are either ‘for’ rooting or ‘against’ rooting, and all the good ones firmly fall under the former.

Get rooted, mates.

Photo: Volley Australia.