Turnbull Doubles Down On His Pet Project, AKA An Australian Republic

The Malcolm Turnbull that supported an emissions trading scheme might be dead, but fuck, the one that wants Australia to become a republic is still alive and kicking.

The Prime Minister fronted a crowd at tonight’s Australian Republican Movement dinner, telling ’em he’s still deadset on being called El Presidente seeing us remove our final links to constitutional monarchy and the United Kingdom.

Read: he doubled-down on his take that eventually, Australia should be run by a president under a constitution and not ceremonially controlled by a monarch like Queen Elizabeth II.

He told the crowd “I also speak to you as Prime Minister, recognising that the Constitution does not belong to the Parliament, or the judges, it belongs to the people. 

“Only them can amend it.”
Turnbull said he’d like to see a plebiscite to determine exactly how our lil’ republic would take shape, before citizens get the chance to vote on the outcome in a referendum.

That way, he reckons, the cause would withstand the opposition that flattened the last vote on the matter back in 1999. He also galvanised supporters of the movement, saying the changes will eventually come through, given continual support:

As for when this proposed move would take place? 

Well, assuming he could even amass support within his party to push the plebiscite through parliament – ol’ m8 Tony Abbott is not a fan of the idea – Turnbull still reckons he’d wait until the Queens’ reign comes to an end before tabling the movement, ’cause public sentiment still rests in her favour.

She’s a fighter though, so the dream of Australia under a president could be a ways off yet. 

Source: ABC / The Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Pool / Getty.