After 27 Years, A Suspect Has Finally Been Charged With The Murder Of Rapper Tupac Shakur 

a suspect has been arrested in relation to the murder of tupac shakur

An arrest has been made in relation to the killing of rapper Tupac Shakur, otherwise known by his stage name “2Pac”. Duane “Keffe D” Davis, who was previously regarded by authorities as a witness to the murder, has since been taken into police custody.

60-year-old Davis is currently one of the last surviving witnesses to the drive-by shooting and is expected to appear in court within days, per the BBC.

The event took place in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada when the 25-year-old rapper was stopped at a red light and a spray of bullets was discharged from a white Cadillac.

Davis was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and in 2019, he penned a memoir titled “Compton Street Legend”.

In it, he admitted to being in the Cadillac, although denied he was involved in the actual killing. Instead, he contended that his nephew, Orlando Anderson, was to blame for the murder.

Marc DiGiacomo, the Chief Deputy District Attorney alleged Davis was the “on-ground, on-site commander” of the shooting and “ordered the death” that day per the ABC.

“For 27 years, the family of Tupac Shakur has been waiting for justice,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill told reporters.

“[The investigation] is far from over. It has taken countless hours, really decades, of work by the men and women of our homicide section to get to where we are today.”

Authorities believe the killing could have been a “retaliatory” attack after a Compton gang conflict per Nine.

Back in July, Davis’ wife’s house was raided by authorities. Per the warrant released at the time, the goal of the operation was to uncover items “concerning the murder” of Shakur.

Shakur is best known for his vast bank of hit songs including “California Love”, “Changes” and “All Eyez on Me”.

A biog film was released in 2017 documenting the rapper’s life, also called “All Eyez on Me”.

Header Photo by Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images