Try And Wrap Your Head Around Adriano Zumbo’s Pieburger, Would You?

Let’s not mince words here – the food industry is full of demented madmen, all hell bent on concocting the newest and most powerful evil creation that food combinations will allow.

And probably the country’s most maniacal of them all is Adriano Zumbo. The mere mention of that name sends shivers up the spines of anyone who has even been within 10 metres of a Masterchef episode.
The master of the macaron has already defied all logical food theory by helping to popularise overseas monstrosities like the Croquembouche and the Cronut within Australian borders. And his adeptness with macarons is so well regarded that he’s ascended to some other level of pastry goodness and stamped his own name on the product, turning out dozens of Zumbarons on a daily basis.
But it’s his latest creation that’s surely going to send waves of confusion, hunger, fear and lust through your minds all at once.
For Zumbo is about to unleash the Pieburger unto us all.
The concept in and of itself is fairly straightforward. It’s a regular pie, with burger components for the filling, and the top half of a burger bun playing the role of the pie lid.
That’s it. That’s pretty much all it is. But the balance of flavours in the filling is, apparently, where the real genius comes in. The man and his newest evil creation are due to grace the cover of this month’s Taste magazine, and editor Brodee Myers-Cooke raves about what Zumbo has managed to pull off.

“He’s managed to get all the flavours of the traditional Aussie burger actually INSIDE the pie: from the beef, to the tomato, cheddar and caramelised onion, and even fried egg and beetroot — they’re all there, in every bite.”

There’s no word on exactly where and when you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these bad boys to give it a crack for yourself. All we know is that our office is simultaneously repulsed and in dire need of about ten of them in each of our faces.