Trump’s Ahead In A New National Poll, So Time To Seal Ourselves In A Bunker

After it looked like Donald Trump was heading for a complete trainwreck of an election following his very widely publicised comments bragging about the sexual assault of women, it looks like America has kind of just forgotten about it or gotten over it. Because, for the first time since May, he’s overtaken Hillary Clinton in The Washington Post / ABC News poll – sitting at 46% to Clinton’s 45%.

Part of this is because Clinton’s email scandal is back in the news. It was never quite put to bed, and is core reason why even many Democrats find her untrustworthy, and the chaos of the past week has basically overshadowed Trump’s comments in the American media.
The generally quite reliable FiveThirtyEight poll-of-polls model still pegs a Clinton win as more likely, but her chance of winning was as high as 88.1% before the third Presidential debate, so it’s dropping:
One can’t underestimate the frustration of Democrats – especially those who threw their support behind populist left candidate Bernie Sanders in the primaries – seeing their prospects slowly crater because of some unbelievably stupid shit Clinton and her team did back when she was Secretary of State. And when I say stupid, I mean stupid – these were idiotic decisions which conferred no visible benefit, and could cost her the presidency.
Anyway. Trump is notably pleased by the new poll.

I guess the election isn’t rigged anymore, is it Donald?
He’s got other things to smile about too – finally, only days out from the election, The Donald has landed the official endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan!

Everything is fine.
Mind you, winning the election isn’t just about the national vote. Trump’s gotta shore up his numbers in key battleground states like Florida and Ohio if he wants any chance of ruling the country with an iron fist.
Photo: Getty Images.