Trump Tagged The Wrong Ivanka To 20M Followers & She’s Taken Full Advantage

It seems that every day is a big day on Twitter for the big dog Donald Trump, but today has been something special.

Earlier this evening, the American president-elect re-tweeted this appreciative gem about his daughter, Ivanka:

There are two things to note about tweet, both of which say a bit about his personality. 

The first is that Trump was, in all likelihood, searching Twitter for mentions of his name and retweeting the goods.

This hypothesis is bolstered by this self-congratulatory retweet, hurled out half an hour earlier: 

The second – and most important – thing to recognise is that ol’ m8 Dr. Goodspine tagged the wrong Ivanka. And Donald didn’t exactly catch it in time. 

@Ivanka actually belongs to Ivanka Majic, a digital consultant from Brighton in the UK, meaning Trump just exposed her online profile to a cool 20 million followers.

What is a misidentified Ivanka to do? Use her bewildering platform to advocate for climate change awareness while delivering a burn of her own, that’s goddamn what:

Seeing as climate change is more than likely the greatest threat to our species’ existence, it’s a damn good thing Majic used her exposure to promote the fact there really is scientific consensus around the issue.
Speaking to the BBC just after this went down, Majic said she’s had this username for about a decade, and it’s a common mistake for Twitter users to mistake the two.

So much so, in fact, that she activated a Twitter bot during the election “for everyone who accidentally mentioned me encouraging them to vote for Hillary [Clinton].”

As always:

Source: BBC.
Photo: Mark Makela / Getty.