Fox News Anchor Apologises On Air After Accidentally Calling Trump A “Dictator”

Given that approximately a hundred billion words are spoken and written about Donald Trump in any given 24-hour period, it’s a statistical certainty that someone is going to fuck up some of those words and statistically quite likely that they’re going to fuck them up in a way that is both deeply funny and perfectly apt.

The period following Trump’s elevation to the White House has been a great one for Fox News. In Trump, they’ve found a man who is perfectly willing to address any fictitious problems they invent for ratings purposes and also not-at-all-willing to back down when everyone with a brain points out that the fictitious problem is fictitious. By all appearances, Fox News and Trump exist in a symbiotic relationship where they each feed off the other for their talking points – a sort of closed-loop version of the Human Centipede.

So it’s particularly funny that, when a TV host accidentally refers to Kim Jong-un and Trump as a pair of dictators, that TV host happens to be one from Fox News.

Anchor Abby Huntsman apologised on air after making the gaffe while narrating footage of Trump’s arrival in Singapore for the historic summit between the US and North Korean leaders:

As you know on live TV, sometimes you don’t always say things perfectly. I called both President Trump and Kim Jong-un a dictator. I did not mean to say that. My mistake, so I apologise for that.

She followed up that apology with another apology on Twitter:

You can see the clip below: