Trump Acknowledges #WomensMarch, But Wants To Know Why They Didn’t Vote

Over the weekend, we saw both the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and thousands and thousands and people protest his Presidency across the globe
Much of the criticism stemmed from the leaked video of Trump talking about his ability to do whatever he wanted to beautiful women because he was famous (the infamous “grab her by the pussy” video), and also due to Trump‘s threatened removal of medical access – especially for women. 
There’s been political talk of Planned Parenthood clinics being routinely closed, and the overriding threat of abortion being made illegal. Trump has also removed the LGBT page from the White House website within hours of becoming President, as well any detail of the climate change policies enacted by former President Barack Obama. 
So, thousands protested the bloke’s inauguration. 
Many were dumbfounded by the fact that Trump didn’t even acknowledge or mention the protest rallies at any point during the day, despite the rally turnouts reportedly outnumbering the attendees of his own inauguration ceremony. 
Now, finally, he has spoken out on Twitter (of course). 
While the initial tweet reeks of Trump‘s standard (READ: erratic) tweeting methods, the second is… surprisingly Presidential. 

Yo Donald… is that you? You okay? Fave this story if you’re being held against your will. 

Source: Twitter / @realDonaldTrump.
Photo: Pool / Getty.