A Quick Explainer On How A Truck Seemingly Got Stuck Between Two Buildings In Syd

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

You Sydneysiders might scoff at our (in)famous Montague Street bridge, but have Melburnians ever managed to wedge a truck between two buildings like some brick and metal sandwich?

What the truck, indeed.

Eagle-eyed pedestrians going for a drama-free stroll down Little Hunter street started noticing what I can only imagine is a driver’s nightmare, and I have multiple theories (but was given one actual explanation which you can peruse with your peepers at the end).

But first, my rational theories.

Theory #1: Bored Crane Operator

I’ve only operated one crane in my life (tiny toy one) but I can imagine, in-between not accidentally ruining buildings, the job would have some downtime.

If you’re a crane operator, please correct me.

Stress aside, I bet a bored or disgruntled crane operator out there saw that Furphy truck, realised it was ripe for the taking and flung it into the alley.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say his name was Justin. Those Justins are mischievous as hell.

Theory #2: The Brady Bunch

Have you paid close attention to the Brady Bunch’s rendition of ‘Keep On’?

“And the radio is blasting and good sounds are coming,”
As we’re flying down the highway in a makeshift Model T.A.”

Flying down a highway, you say? Not very responsible. They’ve definitely been reckless before and they’ll do it again, truck-style.

Theory #3: My ex

No real substantiated reason for this theory but you can’t rule it out, either.

Theory #4: Sydney’s city planner

Life’s a bitch and so is parking in Sydney, so who can blame someone for finding a free spot regardless of where that spot is? I’d wedge my car between two buildings, too, if it meant I didn’t have to pay for two-hour parking.

Theory #5: Ants

They’re strong. They hate humans. They collude with one another. I know for a fact that an ant named Jimothy has a fake drivers licence.

You do the math.

The *Actual* Reason

Theories are all fun and games but I get the bluest of balls when I don’t get a definitive answer. Thank the frothy folks up in the clouds because this, my strangers, has an explanation.

You see, shelves in grog shops and tap banks in pubs across Aus have made room for one new addition: Furphy Crisp Lager. Drink and you’ll miss it but if you look at the unnaturally-vertical truck, you might spy the classic Furphy logo and new range slapped all over that monster.

I’d argue that this is performance art in its highest form.

What a whirlwind that was.

If anyone asks though, just tell them it was ants. It’s almost more believable.

Friendly reminder to always drink responsibly and be 18+.