Triple J Ratdog Alex Dyson’s Leaving (Again) With Final Friday Mix

Well it’s been a nice ride around the sun but the day must come when all ratdogs have to go and be their own man, and time has come for the original Ratdog/Sesh Gremlin/Total CrumbAlex Dyson. Yep, he’s finally leaving Triple J for good. Maybe change the locks this time, mates.

Alex’s last day is this Friday June 22nd, and he’ll be dropping his own Friday Mix, which we can all assume will be accompanied by endless videos of the lad flailing around for the final Friday Dance Off like he’s a few Warwick Cappers deep on a Saturday night, hopefully not fucking up his elbow for the umpteenth time.

Seriously where does this man get all that energy?

After stepping away from the mic to go forth and produce a childe that is probably the cutest damn button we’ve ever seen, Veronica ‘Ron’ Milsom is set to return to the beaten drum next Monday June 23rd to resume her spot on the throne of the Drive show with co-host Lewis Hobba.


With Ron’s big return, it means your Triple J programming is gonna sound a little different in a spell – Gen Fricker is moving back to the Lunch shift (though I’m sure Chardonnay Mums will still have their time in the wine with a crisp vino), resuming her rightful spot in the food pyramid that is our national youth broadcaster.

Before she jumps back into the Lunch shift, Gen’s taking a few of weeks away to probably decompress from the last nine months of relentlessly owning Lewis, and Weekend Breakfast boy Stacey Gougoulis is covering the Lunch spot until she returns on July 23rd.

Got it? Ok. Good. Phew.