Trapped Passengers Live-Tweet Cooked ‘Jurassic Park’ Ride Malfunction

A solid squadron of writers and comedians found ’emselves trapped on the Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood a few hours back, which means if you don’t have time to read this story RN, the film adaptation will probably be out sometime in 2018.

Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley fame, along with writers Jensen Karp, Matt Mira, Emily V Gordon and Doree Shafrir managed to live-Tweet the ordeal as they tried to comprehend what the hell happened to the boat-based attraction:

After Universal Studios maintenance crews re-jigged the ride, the whole gang got stuck in an even worse spot: a deliberately-dingy segment of the ride that was only illuminated by goddamn strobes:

Eventually, park workers managed to find an actual light switch, bringing those ancient animatronic beasts into full focus:

After asking for none other than Chris Pratt to come and rescue ’em, the crew was finally allowed to get the hell out of dodge. The images of the ride’s grungy underbelly and a park worker’s nonchalant response is almost enough to keep you away from every theme park ride, ever:

We’re glad this episode ended safely for all involved, but seriously: expect this anecdote to pop up on your late-night talk show of choice. Hell, we know we’d be telling everyone we knew. 

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Kumail Nanjiani / Twitter.