Trans Aussie Makes A++ Video / Feels-Jerker ‘Further Out Of The Closet’

Please prepare your happy feels for what you are about to watch.

Henry Tadebois, a 24-year-old Melburnian, just made the coming-out of all coming-out videos to announce to friends, family, colleagues, and strangers all at the same time that, rather than being a lesbian, he is transgender.

In the video – called ‘Further Out of the Closet‘ – multi-coloured letters spelling out LGBTQIA appear. Henry says: “Now, you may have heard this acronym commonly used to refer to the queer community, and up until now, I’ve represented the ‘L’. But actually,” he says, pointing to the ‘T’, “I hail from a different twinkle in the rainbow.”

The whole thing is a light-heated, cleverly executed take on a what is a moment of enormous significance.

“I wanted it to be a happy thing that I was coming out,”
Henry told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I didn’t want it to be a big deal – I mean, it is a big deal, but I wanted to put a lighter spin on it.”

With the help of a mate, he filmed it in one day last November, then spent the next couple months editing it whenever he could. The result? A sucker-punch right to the feels, that’s been almost 25 years in the making.

“For as long as I could walk and talk I’ve been aware of [identifying as male],” Henry told us. “Mum says that when I was a toddler, I would say I was a boy. I just never knew I could do anything about it. I thought I could just be a lesbian, and that was it.”

He later started researching and talking to transgender people, but it was just under a year ago when he made the decision to start transitioning. 

“I was having a meltdown to [my girlfriend] Ivy on my 24th birthday, [saying] ‘it’s been 24 years and I’m still sad’,”
he said, telling us that she encouraged him to transition, because it seemed like something he needed to do. “We’d talked about it before, but I shut it down because it was too hard and too scary.”

Now, almost a year later, and Henry’s created an A+++ video that talks about his transition in a way that’s not only amazingly positive, but cute as hell:

Responses have been incredible. “People have been really, really supportive,” he says. “People I haven’t even seen for years have been leaving messages, telling me they’re really proud.”

But good lord, this quote just hits you:

“Once I’d come out to myself, it was easier to come out to other people.”