Tostee Verdict Delayed For An Hour After Juror Outs Self On Instagram

The not guilty verdicts delivered today in the trial of Gable Tostee were delayed by almost an hour after a juror was found to have spoken about the case on their Instagram account.

Justice John Byrne said it was “disappointing” the individual identified themselves as a juror in the highly publicised trial, and it’s been reported the trial was almost thrown out because of the issue. 

While Justice Byrne spoke about the serious implications of the Instagram comments, he later deemed the issue was not serious enough to necessitate a mistrial. 

Tostee was found not guilty for murder, and not guilty for manslaughter, regarding the 2014 death of Warriena Wright. 

Source: Greg Stolz / Chris Reason Kate Kyriacou / Twitter. 
Photo: Supplied.