Tones Is Writing A Book & V. Helpful People Gave Him Some Ideas For A Title

It was only a matter of time: our former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in talks to write another book.

The last time he put pen to paper (non-fiction-wise), it was to write ‘Battlelines‘ in 2009 during his time on the backbench, shortly before he took the party leadership and eventually the top job.

Now he’s joked to Fairfax that his followup book should be called ‘Battlescars‘. His publisher Louise Adler, however, was dead serious when she told the publication that it would “be making the case for conservatives, that the Liberal Party should become the centre-right party.” Of course Abbott would write the conservative manifesto.

“After Donald Trump‘s ascendancy this becomes an interesting question for conservatives and for Labor too,”
said Adler. “I expect Tony to make the case for the Liberal Party to return to its conservative roots.”

The thing is, despite Malcolm Turnbull‘s plummeting popularity with everyone who isn’t Malcolm Turnbull, no one’s forgotten what a comedy of errors it was when Abbott was in charge. (I know it seems like a bad dream, but it’s true! – he was in charge of our country for 12 whole months!)

So with that in mind, Australian Twitter did was Australian Twitter does best: take the absolute piss.

The as-yet-untitled book (I’m rooting for ‘Shit Happens’, btw) is likely to be out some time in 2017.

Photo: Getty.