This Officeworks Refused To Print Fraser Anning Party Leaflets

Officeworks Hornsby, in Sydney, has refused to print a Conservative National Party candidate’s campaign literature that discussed the “Islamic element” imposing “vile sharia law.”

The leaflets were ordered by Brian Clare, an old dude running in Tony Abbott‘s seat of Warringah for the Conservative National Party. It goes without saying it is highly unlikely that he will win, but he is preferencing Abbott second, so there’s that.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Clare ordered 1000 A4 pamphlets last week but was told on Monday that his order would not be processed. Clare accused staff of reading his material without his permission and said Officeworks staff claimed it was “defamatory to Islamics.”

The leaflets called for a stop to Islamic migration to Australia as well as the censoring of the Koran. “Only the Aussie value teaching standards will be allowed to taught,” they read, Clare apparently unwilling to spellcheck his material before ordering it en masse.

In the past, Clare has also said he thinks “Islamics are out-breeding us” and defended his comments as not racist because he’s “talking about a problem and how to deal with it.” He previously ran as a candidate for Katter’s Australian Party.

In a statement, Officeworks head office stood by the decision.

“At Officeworks, we respect our customers’ right to free speech; however, our terms of use prohibit customers from printing materials which may be threatening, abusive, or which incite hatred of any person,” said a spokesperson.

This isn’t the first time Clare has been duped by paper services – here he is in 2017 falling for the viral hoax that a man was using a torch to check same-sex marriage plebiscite votes.