This Kommitted Fella Has Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Swatches Tatted On His Arm

Yes, we know – young people getting questionable tattoos that they’ll no doubt pay a lot of money to get removed in 30 years time aren’t really news, but y’know what? This story is so ridiculous, that it is actually newsworthy. 

This is Johnny Cyrus, and yesterday, he decided to get a very large tattoo of Kylie Jenner‘s current swatches from her lip kit range on his arm, complete with a ‘King Kylie‘ logo at the top.

Today is the day after, and he still seems pretty stoked with his decision:

In 20 years time, this might be a more likely reaction:
Yes! We know! It’s a bold tatty to get, and many will tell Johnny that he’s crazy/a dickhead/immature/stupid.
But let’s live and let live. There’s hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and intelligence levels walking around with tatts that they regret. If his looks like a Pantone colour board, so be it. 
Johnny doesn’t care about y’all anyway:

Source/Photos: Twitter / @ItsJohnnyCyrus