This Free Crash Course In Innovation Will Help You Turn A Big Idea Into Reality

Pedestrian’s teamed up with Telstra’s Imaginarium to help you solve some of your biggest problems. If you want the chance to bring a unique idea to life alongside like-minded people and access training, workshops and industry mentors (including the founders of, simply tell Telstra about a problem you’d like to solve for the youth of today over at the Imaginarium site. Applications close at 9am on the 31st of August so enter now! 

Telstra’s about to roll out the Imaginarium, a crash course in innovation served up by some of Australia’s most influential and entrepreneurial minds. 
If you’d like to be part of a team to help bring to life a big idea or solve a problem facing young Australians, then this is your ticket. 
Sign up now for a chance to spend 8 weeks with likeminded folk in a series of workshops. You’ll not only get access to industry mentors but you’ll also get access to resources and technology courtesy of Telstra to help make your idea happen. 
The Imaginarium is currently looking for people with skills in pretty much anything. You may be a big thinker looking for a team to bring to life an idea, or a budding project manager who loves nothing more than finishing off your 3rd to-do list in a day. 
There’s three phases to the workshops, with the 3 day Collab Lab taking place from the 18th to the 20th of September. From there, 15 people will be selected to take part in the 8 weeks-long Ideas Incubator, which will go down from 28th September – 20th November. From November onwards, the winning idea will be brought to life. 
f you’re selected for the Collab Lab, but live outside of Sydney, then you’ll receive a $500 allowance for travel and accommodation. Win-win, huh?
To be eligible you simply to fall between the ages of 18 to 35 and willing to reside in Sydney for the duration of the Imaginarium Ideas Incubator. 
Sounds like an experience that would give your innovative mind the stimulation it’s yearning for, or maybe you’re simply looking for a unique CV boost that will set you up for your next great adventure?