This First Date Involves Painting A Kennel & Look, I’m All For Creativity

All we really want from a relationship is to be comfortable with another person. For someone to put up with our fatal flaws and reply to our weakest IG stories when no one else will. To unashamedly be yourself in front of them, share silences comfortably, giggle at silly things together, and be made to still feel desirable despite our post-dinner + dessert bellies.

But alas, to reach that level of heaven together, you must first descend yourselves in to the pits of hell – stressful, nervous, uncomfortable (first dates). It’s just what the culture demands of us.

I don’t make the rules.

But stressful, uncomfortable hell does good viewing make when you aren’t the one in the hot seat.

PEDESTRIAN.TV and British Paints have teamed up to bring you Lasting Love – our very own dating show that will put the young hot singles of Sydney through not only a first date – but a blind date, with cameras all up in their George Foreman (grill) (face). We as an audience literally love to see it.

Redundant q – you sooo are.

The series is hosted by someone who knows a thing or two about the first/blind/on-screen dating experience, Matty J.

So what to do on a first date? Always a tricky one.

Dinner and drinks: Overdone. Routine. Expensive. A snore, a bore, please for the love of god – give us more.

Painting a dog kennel: Different, sensual wrist flicking, beneficial for dog.

The first episode of Lasting Love sees a coupla qt’s doing just that and answering some pretty intense tbh first date questions – god help them!

Bella, 21, is a nursing student who summed it up perfectly for all of us: “I’m looking for someone to have a laugh with who likes to party.” We are looking for YOU, Bella.

Ryan, 24, is a builder who likes morning walks. I like the cut of his jib despite his “the boys” slip of the tongue which I am willing to overlook for now.

Will it be awkward? Will they see each other again? Will they kiss? Will the dog even like the kennel?!?

These pressing questions are all answered and more. Watch it all go down below.

If you want to try out the painting thing on your own first date (at least you don’t have to look at each other while you ask the burning questions), here are some wrist-flicking tips.