This Aussie Swimwear Label Lets You Put Your Pet’s Face All Over Your Togs

You know those people that sit perfectly in the Venn diagram between ‘obsessive animal lover’ and ‘person that has literally everything’ leaving you to get horribly stressed out trying to buy them a present for any occasion?

Your stresses are about to be quashed for their next present, because you can absolutely get their beloved pet’s face printed on the ass of a pair of togs.

Petflair have created some 10/10 technology where users can take a snap of their fave pet and get their face printed on swimmers, stickers, towels, and beach bags, and tbh they’re the perf. gift for that one mate who calls their pet their “small fluffy child“.

They’re in their last couple of days of their Kickstarter, where they aimed for a target of $15,000 to get their little biz off the ground and onto the beach this summer. They’re now sitting at a very handsome level of $101k, which means these animals will very likely be in many Xmas stockings and Secret Santas in December.

Founders of PetFlair, Tyler Martin, spends a lot of time in his togs as a water polo player for Australia, and knew that he’d hit something special when he made a one-off pair of swimmers as a joke present for a pooch-loving mate that turned into heaps of people commenting on how good they were.

Martin approached computer whizz friend Charlie Gearside to put together the site, and teamed up with PoundPaws founder Brittany Bloomer to create the cossies with a cause – to raise awareness and money for the importance of adopting pets instead of buying from irresponsible breeders.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke with Brittany about how PetFlair turned from being a bit of a cack to a pretty shit-hot pressie to get for ya mates who really just need to have their mog on their togs.

For us, Petflair is a celebration of the wonderful companionship owners have with their pets. It also allows us to raise awareness about the importance of choosing to adopt instead of shop, when it comes to getting your next pet. 

Now I just hope the next step is a pet jacket that has MY face on it. It’s only fair.

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