Things We Learned Today: Hillary Clinton’s Official Merch Is Dope

We feel as though Hillary Clinton has been taking cues from Amy Poehler‘s character in Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope, when it comes to covering absolutely all bases

One small example of this is the dope AF campaign merchandise that she has recently released. Behold:
1) This wonderful tee, that embodies Hillz’ classic, yet bold power-suit style. ‘The Everyday Pantsuit Tee‘ is for when you want to keep your reputation as a stylish, badass, country-running bitch, while remaining in relaxed comfort. 
2) These pint glasses: MADE FROM 100% SHATTERED GLASS CEILING. After a long day campaigning to be the first ever woman to lead one of the Western world’s superpowers, sometimes you just wanna kick back with frosty pint of delicious ale, AMIRITE? No delicate wine stems for this woman, it’s an cold glass of ale or it’s nothin’.
Please see for reference:
All images of Hillary sinking piss/kicking in the glass ceiling are via Associated Press
3) This absolutely darling throw pillow, that seems to be a subtle threadpoint dig towards the sexist idiots who make those boring and unfunny ‘women belong in the kitchen, not in politics’ jokes. So dope, buying ten of them:
Whether you support Hillary or not, you have to admit this is a pretty solid merchandise range. The femme power is strong with this one.  
Image: Saul Loeb via Getty Images