These Two Bald Eagles Fighting In A Storm Drain Might Be A Metaphor

Mother Nature can be a magnificently passive-aggressive bitch when she wants to be. Case in point: overnight, in Florida, firefighters had to rescue a bald eagle from a storm drain, when it got stuck there following an aerial battle. 
What’s that you say? A majestic symbol of America was just literally dragged into the gutter after a nasty and unexpected shitfight? Nope, there’s no symbolism there. NONE WHATSOEVER. 

Fire and rescue workers from Orange County, Florida, Tweeted photos of the incident several hours ago, and they have since gone viral as hell. 
Per reports in the Washington Post, experts at the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey believe that the two birds began fighting in the air when one flew into the other’s territory. 
They likely “became attached” during the fight and fell into the gutter. After about an hour, one of the birds flew away, while the other, believed to be a five-year-old female, fell further into the drain. 
Traffic was held up as rescue crews attempted to pull the second bird from the drain. The bald eagle was eventually freed after 90 minutes, and taken to a wildlife sanctuary. 
Per the Post, the injured bird suffered “puncture wounds on its body, leg and chest, as well as a cracked beak.” It will require up to six weeks of recovery before being released back into the wild.
That’s it folks, nothing to see here, move along. 
Source: Washington Post
Photo: OC Fire Rescue.