These Service Dogs Just Went To ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’ And My Heart Has Fkn Exploded

I don’t mean to alarm you but I may have just stumbled across the greatest photo on the internet. Dogs. Watching. Billy. Elliot.

The adorable snap, which is definitely my new wallpaper, shows at least 10 service dogs (maybe more) sitting in the audience of their very own private viewing of Billy Elliot: The Musical.

According to Huffpost, the dogs got to view the show as part of their training in Canada last week. They attended one of the Stratford Festival’s “relaxed performances”.

Relaxed performances are designed to be accommodating for those with special needs or those who might find more comfort and enjoyment from a less restricted theatre space, the festival website reads.

Umm… Can I please come to a relax performance in a theatre full of puppies?

But the pooches weren’t just there to enjoy the show. According to Laura MacKenzie from K-9 Country Inn Working Dogs, taking the dogs to live theatre shows “gives [them] the opportunity to expose the dogs to different stimuli such as lights, loud noises and movement of varying degrees.”

Unfortunately the dogs aren’t quite talented enough to sit still for a whole performance without their owners, so the photo is technically staged. But the puppies really did go to Billy Elliot and my heart is exploding with feels.

“The positive reaction to our outing is both shocking and amazing,” MacKenzie added. “We are hoping that our adorable photo will be a good opportunity to educate the public about service dogs and accommodating people with disabilities.”

I can’t handle this. Look at that face. My heart has exploded. I need a minute. *cries forever*