There’s A Release Date For ‘The Bachelorette’ & It’s Time To Get Excited

This week is the finale week for ‘The Bachelor‘ and many people are wondering what on earth they are going to do with their time once Matty J chooses a woman to be his bride, or person he dates briefly before breaking up with her.

FEAR NOT, BACHIE FANS. In a new promo video for ‘The Bachelorette‘, it has been revealed by Channel 10 that we will see Sophie Monk take to our screens to try and find a man to hug and kiss next Wednesday night at 7:30pm.

That’s a mere one week away! You will barely have time to take a breath after Matty J rides into the sunset before a new cavalcade of limos will be lined up, filled with people looking for love/fame.

In the promo we hear from magician Apollo, who is a magician, I guess? He does magic. He is very impressed by Sophie’s looks, calling her a “12 out of 10” which is impossible, but again he is a magician, not a mathematician.

We get a glimpse of a few of the other contestants we will soon come to know and love/hate/despise/lust after, and we also hear from Sophie, about the prospect of falling in love. Check it out below.

See you next week.