There’s Now A Niche Tumblr Cataloguing Trump Voters’ Regretful Tweets

Donald Trump isn’t yet the president of the United States, but that fact hasn’t stopped stacks of Republican voters from wishing they could retract their ballots.

The new Trumpgrets Tumblr page is here to catalogue those pained realisations, as many who clamoured to Make America Great Again clock Trump’s stunning lack of qualifications and blatantly manipulative election tactics.

Serving as a simple gallery of Tweets (annotated with glib and schadenfreude-y remarks), the microblog has already uncovered a slew of regretful messages, along with the varied reasonings behind ’em.

Take this face-palmer from e-famous conservative commentator Joe Walsh, who is absolutely filthy that Trump has more-or-less broken his promise to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and vested interests by adding a former Wall Street kingpin to his team:

It’s not just ’eminent’ figures like Walsh who’ve expressed concern over their vote, though. Regular folks, who were perhaps most vulnerable to Trump’s ra-ra rhetoric, are scared shitless now they know what he’s about:
While there are heaps more examples of Americans gettin’ riled up over Trump’s softened stance on  “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, his recent takes on burning the flag, and the infamous fucking wall, it’s those simple and frightened messages about jobs and security – cornerstones of his campaign – that are the most heartbreaking.

Were the warnings there beforehand? Yeah, and there’s been a lot of discussion about why those messages didn’t resonate with eventual Trump voters at all. No sympathy for Joe Walsh, though. 

Clock the Tumblr right here, and expect it to expand in the months and years to come.

Photo: Tasos Katopidis / Getty.