There’s A Trump ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Now, Complete W/ Survival Kit

For just twenty-five US dollars, you could own a piece of history. Albeit a piece of history that in 2020, most of us will no doubt want to forget. 

In celebration mourning of the political successes that Donald Trump has so far reached, Cards Against Humanity have released a limited edition Trump ‘Bug-Out Bag’ to help you acclimatise yourself for the next four years AKA the erasure of civilised society AKA the apocalypse.
As well as 25 new Donald Trump-related cards, the duffle bags also include “over a dozen items hand-picked to help you survive the collapse of civilisation after Donald Trump is elected President of the United States”.
Such as:
But the two most important things are these two:

You can visit the site here:
Speak quietly of the revolution: they are listening. 
Source/Photos: Cards Against Humanity