So what we have here is your classic good news-bad news situation. 

The good news is that there’s a middle finger emoji out there, just waiting for you to deploy digitally (hah) on anyone who crosses you; the bad news is that, as of right now, it’s still hidden in some code, and can not yet be accessed on your phone.

A UK uni student and straight-up hero by the name of Stephen Wilkinson discovered a cache of secret middle finger emojis after downloading the desktop version of the WhatsApp messenger, and snooping around through some folders.

While this glorious middle finger is there in the code, there’s still no way to use it, as nobody has yet gotten their heads around how to make it, along with the similarly-hidden Vulcan salute, work on mobile devices. 

The middle finger emoji was one of the proposed updates to come with Unicode 8.0, which was released earlier this year; emojis actually approved included “taco”, “burrito”, “bottle with popping cork”, “unicorn face” and “cheese wedge”. 

While we enthusiastically support all those things, we are not amused at the lack of bird flipping:

There’s A Hidden Middle Finger Emoji Lurking In WhatsApp

via Cosmopolitan