The Web Is Falling Down A Hell-Hole Of Sharing ‘Cute’ Pics Of Spider Feet

Hey, wanna see something that might fuck you up to your very core? Spider feet. Specifically, spider paws, as they’re officially known.

Any mild arachnophobe can tell you that the worst thing about spiders is their excessive number of legs. They have eight, when clearly two-to-four is manageable in most situations.

But earlier this week, Twitter exploded in what we can only describe as ‘spider feet porn’. No one asked them to show feet, sweetie, but they showed feet anyway.

Does this look CUTE, to you???

Okay, a bit, yes.

But what about THIS??

Cute? You think it looks CUTE, do ya? Now imagine it gently pressing against your skin, along with seven other spider paws because the damn thing is crawling up your arm. How cute is it now?

This will never, ever be okay.

A small portion of the population thinks these spider paws are adorable, and we’re here to tell you that sadly, all these people have brain diseases.

Elsewhere, slightly more sane people have the right idea about spider ‘paws’: still connected to spider ‘legs’, of which there are too many.

May this madness end, and may we never show spider feet again.

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