The US Fucks A Burger Into A Tortilla To Create The Diabolical ‘Whopperito’

Hungry Jacks‘ all-American cousin Burger King don’t give a damn about things like morals and propriety.

Nah. And that’s why they’ve just seamlessly animorphed their signature Whopper burger into a bloody burrito. 
so bad so good
The portmanteau ‘Whopperrito‘ features a Whopper patty (jazzed up with some Mexican-inspired spices), tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles, queso sauce all tucked up into a tight lil’ flour tortilla.
The ‘rito supposedly came to life after Burger King asked its “innovation committee” to experiment with ways they could break into ‘Murica’s thriving mexi-food trend. Guessing it went a little like so:
Like any good fast food creation, the promotional images have given way to more accurate, but wholly depressing, depictions:

The mashup has (of course) left Twitter divided.

For any of y’all enjoying the US summer right now, it’s due for release on August 15th
Source: Uproxx.
Photo: Burger King.