Tiny US Town Forced To Adjust To New Reality As Tumbleweeds Take Over

When there’s wild as hell weather and everything’s flying around like you’ve just been sucked into that opening scene in The Wizard Of Ozwe don’t really think about where things that blow away end up. They’ve gotta go somewhere right? One town in the US has learned where things go after a big storm and, mates, it’s an ordeal.

After a particularly whipping wind storm across CaliforniaVictorville, a town just north-east of Los Angeles, has been completely overrun by tumbleweeds.

Yeah, those great little spindly dried plant thingos that amble along in tv shows to signify silence or a joke fallen flat. Turns out they’re a shitload funnier en mass.

Look at this place. It’s like all the tumbleweeds in the world have come here for a conference and just decided to absorb an entire town. How are there even that many tumbleweeds? Where would they have gone if they didn’t get caught on this town’s buildings? Do they just roll on forever with no set destination?

The town’s fire brigade were working hard to get all the spiky fuckers away from the houses, after most of the town called for help when they realised they were being bombarded by inanimate tufts of dried diaspores.

The tumbleweeds swamped themselves in Utah as well, almost 1000km away from Victorville, which honestly can only mean that the tumbleweeds are actually taking over and we may as well lie down and accept Big Tumbleweed as our overlords.