‘The Mutilator’, Serial Killer Famed For Cutting Off Victims’ Genitals, Dies

The 1960’s Australian serial killer known as ‘The Mutilator’, AKA William McDonald, was the longest-serving prisoner in New South Wales.

He was jailed in 1963, after murdering four men in Sydney, and one man in Brisbane. 
McDonald came to notoriety for slicing off his victims’ genitals after murdering them, and he would take the genitalia with him in a bag after he left the murder scene. He would often drink with his victims before murdering them, and terrorised Sydney’s park areas such as The Domain and Moore Park, and also murdered one victim in Darlinghurst. Members of juries at his trials reportedly fainted at how gruesome his crimes were. 
He was found insane during his trials, but later on was found sane enough to be released back into society. He swiftly refused, and according to the Sunday Herald Sun, believed he “wouldn’t last five minutes” as a free man. 
He passed away yesterday, aged 90, from natural causes in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. 
via ABC
Image via The Daily Telegraph