The Economist Bravely Asks Why Millennials Aren’t Buying Diamonds

To mark the sale at auction of the largest rough diamond in the world – the 1,109 carat ‘Lesida La Rona‘, which is expected to go for at least $US70 million – The Economist published a piece about the strugglin’ diamond industry.

At least, that’s what their headline appears to be:

However, they tweeted the story with a very different headline:

Why, indeed.

Here’s a guess: diamonds are expensive, largely a status symbol, and come from an ethically shady industry to boot. Shitty tradition dictates that a man should blow three months of his paycheque on one before asking a woman to shove it on her finger and become symbolically ‘his’. That tradition is still alive, of course, but not quite with the same fanatic following as they were in the 50s, 60s, 70s and so forth. In other words, they belong to a different era.

But let’s be real here: it’s mostly about the money thing.

We, for one, are praying that millennials get their act together soon, before the diamond industry implodes in itself in a fiery diamond-hard hell.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: The Economist.