The Creator Of ‘Arrested Development’ Says The Cast Is “Ready To Go” On S5

Mitch Hurwitz spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour overnight, and gave some crucial info to ‘Arrested Development‘ fans who’ve been waiting to hear about a new season for what feels like forever. 
Hurwitz brought the iconic show back in 2013 to critical acclaim and three Emmy nominations, and boy oh boy, did he open a can of worms. We cannot be satiated now; we want MORE Bluth family, MORE!

But he says they are “ready to go” on season 5:

“We’re very close.It’s the thing I’m really desperate to do. We’ve got a lot of stories broken. We’re ready to go. 

I’m so appreciative of the fans wanting more, I’d hate to tease them with information until we know it’s going to happen… 

If it does happen, it looks like shooting would happen at the start of 2017.”
Okay, breathe. That sounds really bloody positive, and 2017 is not that far away. But c’mon – what are they waiting for? Are they… CHICKEN?