The Chaser Mag Just Hit Its $50K Funding Goal, Thanks To One Crazy Fan

It looks like all the Game Of Thrones-themed trailers and speculation about our former PM’s sexual peccadilloes paid off, because as of today, The Chaser have met the crowd-funding target for their new magazine. 
The boys were chasing a total of $50,000 to put together the first issue of The Chaser Quarterly, a goal they have surpassed, with 33 hours remaining until the deadline of their Pozible campaign.
The most interesting part of all this? Someone actually ponied up $5000 to spend a day in The Chaser’s and have a long lunch with the lads. That’s what we’d call dedication. Hopefully they’re paying for the drinks. 
As for what to expect in the magazine, look out for content and lots of it:
The Chaser Quarterly addresses the key problem of our time: namely – there is not enough content in this world. 

Using a unique patent-pending Content Generation System (“writing”), our highly trained Chaser Content Specialists (“writers”), will use bleeding-edge, state of the art technology (“computers”) to create long-form graphical internet essays (“memes”), tailor-made for a world bereft of content.
Nice work, chaps.

Photo: Don Arnold via Getty Images