The Beyhive Is Convinced Beyoncé Is Birthin’ Babes Right This Second

The Beyhive is all abuzz with rumours that definitely qualify as (potential) News of the Century: could it be that the famously duffed-up Beyoncé is giving birth to her twins at this very moment
There have been a number of theories circulating about the impending arrival of the most important Geminis in the history of the world, but the two with the most heft appear to be:
1) That Beyoncé is planning on giving birth at home, and as such has shipped in an entire hospital wing’s worth of equipment and medical professionals, turning her rented mansion in Hollywood into a state-of-the-art neonatal ward.
2) That the above is all a ruse and she is in fact at UCLA Hospital RIGHT THIS MINUTE pushing out the future monarchs of the world in the kind of privacy only a world-famous basquillionaire goddess genius can afford. 
According to a tip-off to The Shade Room, someone who works at the UCLA has insider info regarding Queen Bey:
“She told me that Beyoncé and her team showed up to the hospital and that they’re in the process of shutting down the whole 5th floor. She also said that they’re moving patients to another building.

Also if y’all noticed hair legend Chuck Amos posted a picture of him and Bey with the caption, ‘Hang in there, Mama.’”
She’s definitely not wrong about that last bit:

Hang in there, Mama! ?? You @Beyonce!!

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Then there’s the Twitter evidence/wild speculation:

Our take? Beyoncé is currently giving birth the way all divine entities do: by retreating to the top of a mountain in a carriage borne by angels, and manifesting the saviours of mankind through sheer force of will. Can’t wait to meet them!
Source: The Shade Room / Jezebel / Twitter / Daily Mail.
Image: Christopher Polk / Getty.