The Annandale Uses Facebook To Catch Idiot Thieves

According to a post on The Annandale‘s facebook page, the legendary live music venue located in Sydney’s inner west was broken into this morning. In what was either an impressively brazen or pathetically amateur move by the two people involved in the break and enter, the trespassers – who we’ll call Dumb and Dumber – were stupid enough to hang around for a couple of schooners – in full view of the pub’s surveillance system.

A photo was posted on The Annandale’s Facebook page urging fans to name and shame the partners in crime:

“These two geniuses broke into the hotel this morning. Managed to break our till valued at 5K. Fortunately they were dumb enough to hang around for a few beers and smile to the cameras. First loyal punter to name and shame these clowns scores a slab of beer on the house. Don’t recognize these mugs? Do us a favour and share this post on your page. Thanks in advance for your support. Lots of love, The Rule Brothers.”

The original post had clocked up over 700 shares in just over an hour at last check. Because who wouldn’t want to assist a local institution in getting justice. And because free beer is the best.

Words By Nikki Brogan