WATCH: News Reporter Saves Truck Driver From Huge Texas Floods Live On Air

There’s been some pretty insane visual coming out in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas – which has caused “unprecedented” flooding and resulted in at least five deaths.

None more so than this one. Brandi Smith, a news reporter for local station KHOU, was live broadcasting from the side of a highway when she spotted a truck on the flooded road below, its cab filling with water.

While still broadcasting, she flagged down an emergency response vehicle which was miraculously passing at that exact moment. It’s pretty crazy.

“Sir, are you OK? Can you get to the top of your vehicle?” Smith calls out to the trapped driver. “Can you get to the top of your truck? Do not climb into the water.”

Moments after she flagged down the vehicle, the broadcast cut out, because the KHOU studios were evacuated due to flooding.