Tessa And Scott Performed For Maybe The Last Time And It’s Emotional AF

Absolute heartthrobs, platonic friends (???), and 2018 gold medallists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir performed for what could be the last time on Olympic ice at the Figure Skating Exhibition Gala and it was something else. The power couple, who were also flag-bearers at the opening ceremony, won their fourth Olympic medal after setting a new world record in the short dance program.

The gala is set after two weeks of insane competition at the Winter Olympics so athletes are encouraged to go as cray cray as they want and they did. With no judges in sight, there was a bloody saucy flash dance routine complete with a bucket of water and Evgenia Medvedeva being deep AF. Oh, and Yuzuru Hanyu fully levelled up and unleashed the ultimate OP performance. Then, our Canadian beauties took flight for their turn on the ice, and THEN all the figure dancers started to dance around them to ‘This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman and it was all too much on the ol’ heart. Oh, Tessa also delivered a heartwarming speech thanking the fans for all they had done in case you weren’t crying enough.

Sadly, it was this whole dance routine that kinda hinted at the end of our much beloved duo’s Olympic career. But let’s not be too upset because they have given us 21 years worth of breath-taking routines.

To cheer you up, let’s take a closer look at the gala performances, especially that saucy flash dance.

Javier Fernandez did the most extra routine ever for his gala performance. Now, when Javier performed in his Figure Skating Men Short Program he was pretty tame as he danced to Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film, Modern Times. He even dressed in a Charlie Chaplin inspired costume complete with the flower. But his gala performance was on a whole other level.

Just look at this:


And then THIS: 

Give the man a gold medal.

Now please check out Yuzuru Hanyu absolutely losing his shit, it’s actually insane:

And now for all the tears AKA Tessa and Scott:

How are they NOT together?

And then finally, a group selfie for the class of 2018. Yuzuru even asked to be picked up for the selfie. #amazing