Tell Us Why Mini Golf Is The Perfect Date Night & We Might Tee You Up For A Gold Coast Golf Trip

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Choosing the right date idea can be really tough. You have to factor in an activity that keeps the conversation going, and accommodates everyone’s interests while doing something collaborative as well. This stress can be doubled if you’re planning around a first date and you’re just starting to get to know somebody.

More common ideas for dates can feel really stale as well. For instance, going to a movie or a comedy show has actually been a bit of a controversial pick for an early date, as you don’t really get to spend much time talking to your partner and it can feel unoriginal. The standard dinner date can also feel so awkward, as you have to force conversation out of each other in a way that feels rehearsed and inorganic. Once you get to know someone a bit more, these date ideas can work, but it doesn’t stop some of the key issues with them, the main one being that you’re not really doing anything with your date.

That’s why mini-golf is actually one of the most iconic date spots.

Mini-golf has been a bit of a dating viral sensation, especially in the 90s as so many great pop culture moments were set within a mini-golf course. From Homer and Marge ending a romantic rendezvous in a mini golf windmill to Happy Gilmore where Happy (Adam Sandler) goes to practice his short game and gets into a fight with a mechanical clown.

By planning your date around interactivity and friendly competition, you can quickly get to know a person while setting those important power dynamics at the start. You can also have a little fun and add higher stakes to the game as well like the loser buys dinner or the winner gets a second date (if you like to live on the edge).

But don’t just take it from me – tell us why you think mini-golf is the perfect date night activity and one lucky winner from both Melbourne and Syndey and a buddy of their choice could win a hole-in-one trip to the Gold Coast for a weekend golf experience!

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After checking in, you’ll be taken to a TopGolf course, which is kinda like golf and ten-pin bowling mixed in one. There you’ll both also receive lessons from a professional TopGolf coach on some pointers and fundamentals of golfing, and you better be taking notes so you can be the winner of every future mini-golf date you go on. You’ll also score a neat golf-themed gift bag valued at $300 to take home with you.

Your whole trip will be covered also – that includes flights from Sydney or Melbourne and accommodation at the 4.5-star voco Gold Coast hotel! Food and beverages will be covered for the trip, and you can relax on the iconic Surfers Paradise beach located right across from the hotel during your stay.

Good luck my fellow romantics! I hope to see you out there on the mini-golf court sometime struggling to not overshoot the ball at the last second.

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