Teen Charged With False Threats After Opera House Evacuation Debacle

A 17-year-old teenager / bloody idiot has been charged with false representation resulting in a police investigation, after threats he made via social media resulted in the Sydney Opera House being evacuated last Thursday.

The teen allegedly made the threat around 10:50am that morning. Police over at the Sydney City Local Area Command were notified, and as a result completely evacuated the Opera House and searched the surrounding area.

As it turns out, a second police operation over at Manly wharf – which coincided with the Opera House one – was down to the fact that police had received info that those responsible for making the threats may have been on the ferry.

Searches of both locations revealed nothing of interest whatsoever.

The teenager was arrested on Monday following an investigation and is due to appear at a Children’s Court on Feb 23, where he’ll hopefully learn an important lesson in false threats and not bloody making them.

Photo: Gaye Gerard / Getty.