Kripsy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Original Glazed Donuts To All True Taylor Swift Fans Tomorrow

As Taylor Swift‘s private jet officially touches down on Australia, Swifties across the nation are in a frenzy. And in this state of frenzy, what better way to refuel on energy than a free Krispy Kreme donut.

On February 16 the company is giving away free Original Glazed donuts to all certified Swifties, and somehow I suspect Tay Tay is going to be even more popular than usual tomorrow — if that’s possible.

That’s right Tay stans, in case your heart rate wasn’t enough with the knowledge you are sharing the same soil and oxygen as Taylor Swift, on February 16 you will be able to increase it with a free sugar hit courtesy of Krispy Kremes.

But beware fake fans: only TRUE SWIFTIES will be eligible for this promotion.

How can I get a free Krispy Kreme on February 16?

“How will the Krispy Kreme stores know I’m a true Swift fan,” you ask?

Two words: friendship bracelets.

The beaded wrist accessory that was previously a universal symbol of friendship has over the years become more and more associated with the music superstar.

Image: Supplied.

Anyone wearing a Taylor Swift friendship bracelet who is craving a free OG Glazed donut simply needs to visit ANY Krispy Kreme store in Australia, show off your bracelet, and claim your delicious prize.

Fans will not need to have tickets to the Eras Tour, or make any additional purchases.

Note that only Krispy Kreme stores are eligible, not places like 7/11 that sell Krispy Kreme donuts.

And beware: free donuts are only available while stocks last tomorrow, so get in fast.

A lesser writer would have wrote “get in swiftly” just then, but cheap puns aren’t my “Style”.

If I see one more T. Swift song title jammed into a sentence, “You’re Losing Me”. And it’s your own fault, so “Don’t Blame Me”.

Oops, “I Did Something Bad”. “Look What You Made Me Do”. “Is It Over Now?”

Me if I got a donut for every Taylor Swift pun made during the Eras Tour.

In a press statement the head of Krispy Kreme ANZ’s marketing Aimee Cutajar shared their excitement at the opportunity to bring some extra joy in this Tay-season.

“This February 16th, pop on your friendship bracelets, jump in your getaway car and visit your local Krispy Kreme store to score a free Original Glazed Doughnut – but you’ll need to be swift because this offer is only available while stocks last!” Cutajar stated.

Now hypothetically, if you’re more of a fan of donuts than you are Taylor Swift, you could put together a friendship bracelet.

But given the amount of money you’d need to spend on beads, craft supplies, and your own time, it’s probably better to just buy the donut.

That said, maybe in the process you’ll discover a newfound love for Tay, and that’s a big win too.

Happy donut hunting girlies!