NSW MP Attends Anti-Vax Rally, Tells Parliament She’s *Shockingly* Caught COVID A Wk After

nsw mp tanya davies catches covid after attending anti vax rally

A New South Wales member of Parliament caught COVID a mere week after she attended an anti-vax rally. In other news: water is wet.

Liberal Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies said in a statement to the AAP via The New Daily she tested positive in a rapid antigen test in NSW Parliament on Wednesday. She spoke out against the State Government’s vaccine mandate laws outside parliament eight days before she came back with a positive result.

Ah yes, if it isn’t the consequences of one’s actions.

Davies said she didn’t have many symptoms and was looking forward to returning to work when she was allowed to. But she then doubled down on her comments against mandatory vaccines.

“For thousands of citizens across the state, their right to work is denied them because they chose not to get a COVID vaccine,” she said.

At the rally in Sydney, Davies claimed mandatory vaccines were preventing nurses, teachers and public servants from returning to work. She said she has never encouraged people to not get the COVID vaccine.

But the AAP reported she had tried to convince NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet the virus was not deadly. Say that to the 1,301 people currently admitted to the hospital.

People living in Davies’ electorate have criticised her stance on COVID. One user said she hopes Davies’ COVID result “helps her see” the importance of protection from the pandemic.

Labor’s State Opposition Leader Chris Minns called Davies’ behaviour “appalling” in a Tweet posted when the Liberal MP attended the rally.

“She shared a stage with people claiming 9/11 was an inside job,” he said.

“And spread misinformation claiming vaccines don’t stop you from catching or spreading COVID.”

Now, we’re not saying Tanya Davies caught COVID at the rally. But it’s incredibly ironic for someone to protest against mandatory vaccines only for them to catch the virus those vaccines protect you against just a few days after.