Talking the Future of Advertising with Design Studio ENESS

From working with Red Bull to create the stunning light show for RÜFÜS’s most recent tour to developing the interactive dance floor that MINI toured around the country, art and design studio ENESS have their finger on the button when it comes to pairing cutting edge technology with the ridic world we call advertising. Founded in 1997 by Nimrod Weis and Steven Mieszelewicz, ENESS is all about interactivity and creating unique and meaningful experiences.

In preparation for their upcoming Pedestrian Coach session on the future of advertising, we asked Nimrod about his favourite projects, ideas and whether or not advertising in the future will still look like this:

Who was your first client at ENESS and what did you work on?

Most of them were pretty small graphic design jobs, but we were our own clients and we made our own crazy briefs and inventions to work on.
What’s been your favourite thing to work on so far?

So many highlights and amazing experiences: projecting onto snow took us to snowy peaks worldwide; working with the likes of Cirque Du Soleil, Red Bull & ESPN; a stage setting for Cat Stevens’ first ever musical; and working closely with the Victorian Aboriginal community on a beautiful sculpture, Bunjil, at the Melbourne Museum.

Do you ever struggle with coming up with ideas? If so, how do you combat that?

Yes, almost every time. Good ideas are hard to produce on demand. I find you have to sleep on it, live with the problem for a while, think about it all the time and something will come. Don’t Google for inspiration.
Do you have any brands you would absolutely love to work with?

Any brand that truly wants to change the world in a good way. Brands that trust us and respect our craft, that’s when we achieve the best results for them and for us.
Where do you think the future of advertising is heading?
I hope advertising goes away somehow, I just haven’t figured out how.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Drink more water – by the Dalai Lama.
To find out more about the future of advertising – and why Nimrod thinks it should disappear forever – sign up to his Pedestrian Coach session.

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