Sylvester Stallone Denies Police Report Alleging He Raped A Woman In 1990

Sylvester Stallone has signalled his intent to file a complaint with Santa Monica police, claiming a woman who recently made an accusation of sexual misconduct against him is lying about the alleged 1990 incident.

According to TMZ, the woman alleges the action movie star raped her at his office in 1990. Stallone denies these claims, saying that while they did spend three days together during a 1987 film shoot in Israel, they never made contact in 1990.

In a statement, Stallone’s lawyer Marty Singer said “My client categorically disputes the claim.”

Although the allegation comes well outside of California’s ten-year statute of limitations, TMZ cites a law enforcement source who claims the current cultural climate means all allegations of historical sexual misconduct are being rigorously investigated.

Speaking to Reuters, Santa Monica Police Department spokesman Saul Rodriguez said “We are looking into it and will gather information and whatever we discover will be passed to the district attorney.”

Stallone was previously accused of threatening to a 16-year-old girl, saying he’d “beat her head in” if she spoke about their alleged consensual sexual encounter in 1986.

A police report states the alleged incident occurred in Nevada, where the age of consent is 16, however the woman contended she was deeply traumatised by the alleged incident. No charges were laid, and that police report was eventually dropped.

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