Sydney’s Unseasonably Hot Weather Is Bringing Oh God So Many Spiders

Real life has cooked up another fantastic / utterly terrible ‘Would You Rather’ conundrum: would you accept a record run of temperatures above a balmy 26 degrees in Sydney, if it meant an explosion in the number of spiders?

Well, congratulations, New South Wales. Someone, somewhere, said yes. Now, in exchange for some delightful weather, your fine city can expect to a mad proliferation of the octopedal bastards.

According to the Australian Museum’s David Bock, who heads up their Search And Destroy Discovery team, the temperatures have done an absolute number on the breeding patterns of huntsmen, redbacks, golden orbs and St Andrew’s Cross spiders. 

Particularly, the weather has been A+ for their prey, like moths, cockroaches and other associated critters. That means more food to go around for the spiders, who are responding by squeezing out oodles of eggs. Of them, more are surviving into adulthood. Joy. 
Exterminators haven’t yet caught on to the whole trend, but like some foretold omen, they expect any drastic changes in spider numbers to become apparent by the end of the month. 
Do with this information what you will. If escape is not an option, please assuage yourself with this:

Note: increased temperatures are only known to cause rumba dancing in humans, not spiders. Soz. 

Source: Brisbane Times.
Photo: Auscape / Getty.