Sydney’s Doughnut Ice Cream Cone Joint Now Making Fuck-Off Churro Bowls

Cooking is all about making something more precious than the sum of its parts. Think about it: churros are more than just flour and sugar, ice cream is more than just cooled-down custard. Combine those two ingredients, though? Oh boy. Oooh boy. 

Welp, now Milky Lane in Bondi is stepping up from their bonkers doughnut cones to test actual, honest-to-God churros bowls for your ice cream after stumbling on this goodness online. Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT. 

Due to the extremely viral nature of this image from overseas, we are going to make CHURRO BOWLS this week at Milky Lane…

Posted by Milky Lane Bondi on Sunday, 10 April 2016

Of course, these are the same people who came crashing into our lives with the ‘conut’; owner Christian Avant told PEDESTRIAN.TV a lil’ earlier that “our chef has been working on the pastry combinations for weeks… it’s very exciting, the christening has been a long time coming.”
They’re pretty proud of their fancy European oven, which is capable of producing trdelniks – aka, Czech doughnut cone deliciousness, as evidenced below. Surely churros aren’t too much of a leap. 
Source and photo: Milky Lane / Facebook.