NO: A Syd Apartment Block Has Been Battling A Serial Balcony Barfer For The Last Six Months

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A Sydney apartment block in has become the site of what seems to be a serial spewer after neighbours slapped up angry letters in the complex’s foyer. Poo jogger is a tired trope, this year it’s all about cunning chunk chuckers.

Per the Daily Telegraph, the Redfern-based chunder criminal was called out by a resident who lived in an apartment below after they discovered their balcony (and the ones below them) was splattered with spew. Heinous stuff of the highest degree, my God.

“Why is it so hard for whoever is vomiting over the side of their balcony and causing your vomit to land on the balconies, furniture, drying clothes etc of everyone else below you to simply not do it?” the notice read.

“If you seem to have this uncontrollable urge [to] vomit whenever you are on your balcony maybe you should keep a bucket on your balcony so you can vomit into that instead?”

sydney serial spewer vomit redfern
YUCK. [Image:]
Apparently, this wasn’t the pesky puker’s first balcony barf, either. A similar frustrated message was pasted up in the apartment block’s foyer last August when residents — who had an absolute gutful of the habit — discovered their outdoor areas had been upchucked on.

“Your neighbours don’t appreciate cleaning YOUR vomit off our balconies, outdoor furniture, our clothes we are drying outside, or ourselves if we’re outside trying to enjoy using our balcony when you decide to vomit over the edge,” the angry message read.

Christ, can you imagine sitting outside in the spring sun and suddenly you get splatted on by someone’s big sick above you? I would simply never feel clean again.

Details of the six-month-long crook saga have since unravelled and it includes multiple furious notices posted up in the Sydney apartment complex’s common areas, emails to building management and a formal warning from strata.

One woman who spoke to said she emailed building management because she believed the rancid behaviour was premeditated because it wasn’t just someone hurling over the balcony — she claimed there was “a bucket full of vomit” thrown over the edge too.

Abso-fucking-lutely not.

The building’s strata has apparently sent the Vomitron a letter about the booting behaviour, warning that if they didn’t cut it out they could face eviction.