IMPORTANT: You Can Talk To The Sydney Opera House Seal & He’ll Talk Back

In extremely important, life-changing news, you can now talk to the Sydney Opera House seal and he’ll talk back to you.


[Sea dog has no time for your bs, he’s gettin’ sum rays.]

The seal has been casually flirting with the public’s heart since 2014, when he set up residence on the Opera House steps. In 2016, he did us one better, returning with a tiny bébé seal pup to soak up the sun.

Now, thanks to the groundbreaking marvels of technology and the inevitable seal uprising, you can talk directly to the seal and he’ll talk back. Not really, obviously. The Sydney Opera House has pounced on him as their mascot, developing a chat bot on Facebook Messenger where you can find out about all the good stuff happening at the Opera House.

Still… when the seal hits you with that “hey you”, though? *fans self*

Basically, you can ask the seal about what’s coming up at the Opera House,  ~fun facts~ (okay), and uh… date advice. Definitely want to be getting your dating advice from a chat bot masquerading as a seal, which, to be fair, can’t be any worse than the swathes of bad dating advice already out there.

BTW, if you see a giant inflatable seal in the harbour today… this is why: because you can now pretend chat to the seal on Facebook messenger. 2018 is wild.